Monday, April 6, 2009

Whole grains, slowly but surely

I am always in a constant state of guilt by the lack of whole grains in my families diet. Feeding my children cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast isn't helping (hey its whole grain . . .) If I cooking I am generally cooking from the out edges of the grocery store.  Meat, dairy, fruit and veg. Real, whole foods. We eat good, but we can always be eating better. It is always and inner struggle for me because priority number one is that it tastes DANG good.  My whole self esteem is resting on this one concept, it can not be compromised. That being said, low fat, low sodium is COMPLETELY out of the question.  I will never cut butter or salt out of my cooking, NEVER. Sorry heart, it ain't gonna happen. It's not like I am going crazy with the stuff. Food is not good with out both of them, generally speaking.
I am going to start adding more whole grains. So today I bought a new rice cooker at Costco, so I can start cooking brown rice instead of white. This one is easy for me because I like brown rice, PF Chang's and Rumbi's, their brown rice is delicious.
I knew this was going to be a challenge for my husband, children, and father. I placed it in front of Porter, who is extremely picky.
"Why does this rice look funny"
"Its just like white rice, but it is brown. just taste it."
"It tastes like white rice, but I hate looking at it"
Not a bad reaction, he seemed to still like the taste. Then my husband says, 
"I don't like it, but I'm eating it anyway."
Jees Louise Fairb, you say that and its over for the kids. Maybe Porter didn't hear. My dad walks in and excited to see his favorite meal, beef curry then he sees the brown rice,
"You're making me eat brown rice!"
Porter took his plate to the sink immediately following. Thanks guys for ruining everything!
I personally loved the brown rice and will be replacing it for most rice dishes. Brown rice takes about twice as long to cook as white rice, but it is 4 times healthier!
Go get some brown rice today!
Next stop, whole grain pasta . . . . 

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