Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to cook Halibut: in my never to be humble opinion.


Halibut is a good intro fish. If you hate fish, don't start with salmon, start with halibut and you will learn to love fish. Make sure its fresh halibut, not frozen. I buy my halibut, where else? Costco. This is how I cook it.
First things first, halibut smells quite fishy, but some how it doesn't taste fishy at all, if you rinse it first. Always rinse fish in cold cold water before cooking it. Then you have to adequately dry it once you have rinsed it, that is very important. You can do this recipe as a whole fillet, or cut it into portions.

Step 1
Once you have completely dried your fish, season it with kosher salt and lemon pepper (or regular pepper) just in one side.

Step 2:
Take a handful of sliced almonds and a short stack of saltine crackers (or any cracker) and a few tablespoons of parmesan cheese and put it in the blender to make a fine crumb. Also beat an egg with about a tablespoon of water for an egg wash.

Step 3:
Dip the fillet in the egg wash.

Step 4
Dip the fillet in the crumb mixture, coating evenly on all sides.

Step 5:
Melt about 2 T of butter in a large skillet that has a lid. Once the butter starts to get bubbles add the fillets.

Step 6:
Turn the heat down to medium, and cook for about 3-4 minutes on each side. Cooking time will really depend on how thick your fish is. Once fish turns opaque and can easily flake with a fork, its done. Its not chicken people, its better to be under cooked than over cooked. Frankly, fish takes practice and cooking times can not be applied. Also keep in mind it will continue to cook as it rests. So don't cremate it, think just a little more cooked than sushi :). Finish the fish with some fresh lemon.

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That looks and sounds delicious.
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