Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beef Curry

This dish is another one of my top 20 favorite things to cook. Many of you will think it doesn't sound that good and probably won't try it, but you will sorely be mistaken. If that is your feeling, email me and I will invite you up next time I make it and you will love it!  Have it with a cold can of your favorite pop (mine is coke zero or diet dr pepper) and it is heaven. I think this is considered "Hawaiian food" I only say that because if anyone lived in the Provo area when back in the day there was the "Bamboo Hut"(not the same place as the current Bamboo Hut, which tries their best but is not even CLOSE to the old Bamboo Hut) they had beef curry on the menu. 
This is another one of those recipes where I use left over Sunday roast beef which is very convenient. If you don't have left over roast beef, buy stew beef and follow the Sunday roast beef recipe first, or follow the pot roast recipe but add the curry and a can of green beans.
I also need to say something about curry. Curries can very greatly, and it makes a big difference. There is Indian curry in many varieties (gag me with a spoon!) and there is Persian curry, or middle eastern curry.  The problem is, they are not labeled as such. They both will say  CURRY.   I have been rationing a big bottle of curry that I stole from my mom that she bought in Turkey.  I have been sweating over how I was going to get good curry like this again. My mother bought some curry online and cooked like five meals in one day with it, when I tasted it , I had no choice but to spit it out, Indian curry! Alright, Alright I could go on forever with this incredibly boring story. To sum a very long saga that I will not pleasure you with, I bought some curry in the Mexican spices section (I know it makes no sense) at wall-mart, and it was good curry. I was so happy! So get it at wall mart, enough said. So now that you have scrolled down for about a mile, here is the recipe.

Left over roast beef and gravy of a reasonable amount
1 onion chopped
baby carrots, about 2 big handfuls
diced potatoes of any variety, about 2 big handfuls
1 can canned green beans or fresh or frozen beans
1 can beef broth
1-2 T curry
2-3 bay leaves

Heat your sauce pan up and saute your onions to allow them to release their fragrance, you don't have to cook them through (as long as it takes to prep the rest of the veggies) Add the potatoes and carrots and beef broth. Cook until potatoes and carrots begin to get tender.  If you are using fresh beans add them next, if you are using canned beans add them closer to the end. Add your leftover roast beef and gravy. Add the curry and stir. Cook on med-low until potatoes and carrots are very tender. Serve over rice.
Then eat it for lunch the next day because it is good leftovers!


beckbot said...

You're not kidding when you say that curries vary greatly. Curry powders certainly do, and then once you get into curry paste, well... it could take you days to get the curry hierarchy straight. In our house, Japanese curry reigns supreme, followed by Indian curry (not the powder, but the tomato-based masala variety) and red Thai curry. Try the pastes sometime, you will be amazed at how flavorful they are.

Nan said...

Japanese curry is the best! The greatest part about it is that its so easy to make! I'll have to post about Japanese curry soon, any special way you like to make it?

beckbot said...

Oh, I totally cheat and use the "Golden Curry" boxed stuff. It's not a powder but a big scary brown brick that probably has trans fat in it. Delicious.

Nan said...

that is what I use too . . . carrotts, onions, potatoes and sometimes chicken.