Come to the Hobble Creek Kitchen

Winter time at The Cabin
We have the perfect place to book your next dinner party or event.  The Cabin is located just 8 miles up Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville, Utah, and is set on 50 acres on the bank of Hobble Creek.  We can seat 50+ for a formal dinner inside.  We will set up, decorate and serve you a fantastic 3-4 course dinner.  All you have to do is show up and enjoy the food and the company in this intimate setting.  No one will be pressuring you leave the table for the next diners, the place is yours for the night!

Prom night at The Cabin
In the warmer months, the outdoor space is perfect for your family reunions or other big events.  The yard has been made famous by YouTube, Nitro Circus and Bert the Conqueror.

Prices are per person plus the small "rental fee" of  The Cabin, with a minimum party of 18. Please contact us for more details, but we can promise you that you will have better food and a nicer experience than any restaurant in the valley and maybe even cost you less!