My Mother Christine with me (left) and my party
in a box sister, Lisa.
I've been a blogger since 2008, but have been a cook since I was 5. My two signature dishes were spaghetti and waffles. I learned to cook for a crowd from my mother who put me in charge of cooking for the family brood of 33 (5 married children produced 21 grand kids) 10 years ago. From Thanksgiving to family trips to Lake Powell, I make sure we eat great!

I am a mother to three genius children, and now that they are getting older, I have more time to spend in the kitchen. I have been a cook for hire casually for the last few years, and have recently decided to turn up the heat on my passion for creating great food for others.

I firmly believe a recipe is for sharing, even when your in the business of cooking. Because everyone knows it always tastes better when you didn't have to cook it! (or do the dishes)

Please enjoy the blog, and let me cook for you!

-- Natalie Fairbourne