Friday, October 15, 2010

I am totally going to blog again . . . .maybe.

So you are probably a little annoyed by now. You have probably figured out I'm not in Kenya anymore, and that I am just being lazy. It's all true! The fact is, I have been cooking up a storm, but frankly, EATING the food is a lot easier than blogging about it. Did you know taking a picture of your dinner is a pain? Further, when your food is good, no one wants to wait around to take a picture before you eat it. Also, I never cook with recipes, which makes it a little difficult to write recipes. I actually have to REMEMBER what I did. Excuses. Excuses. Did you know I am the mother of 3 children who now go to school all day? Oh boy, the moment is finally here, and I have earned this! I can have 6 hours of unadulterated time in my kitchen if I so wish! (insert evil laugh).
The fact is, I am going to return to blogging, I really am. The plan, return November 10th. The goal, a great post once a week. So get excited, tell all your friends, follow my blog, and get cooking.