Monday, April 13, 2009

primary easter activity

Still the P. Prez, shocking I know. We had a great activity this weekend for Easter. It was a Easter egg hunt and service project. We collected little toys and treats from the ward to make grab bags for the food bank. So when families go to the food bank to get food, they can take home a little surprise for their children. So we had the children decorate some white gift bags with stickers and markers, then we filled them with the treats and toys. Before we did the Easter egg hunt, I talked to them about Jesus and His sacrifice. I asked them after the Easter egg hunt if they would be willing to sacrifice some of their eggs to children who would otherwise not have anything fun for Easter.  So after they ran all over my Mom's backyard most of the children gave up some eggs, and some children gave up all their eggs. With 40 kids at the activity, we had over 200 eggs sacrificed. 
So the next morning realized the food bank doesn't operate on Saturday. The eggs would be pretty pointless after Easter, so I called the food and care coalition where they serve hot meals, and they said they could use them as tray favors for the meal on Easter. So I ran them down to them. When I walked in, they were very excited for the eggs, because they didn't have anything like that for Easter. Just as I was about to go, the woman who was taking the donations got a phone call. It was a very sad mother who was calling to ask if they had anything she could give her children on Easter morning. She had been waiting for money to come in and it didn't, so she had no money to do something special for her kids on Easter morning.  So she told the mom they just had some eggs donated and she could come down and get some. So if it wouldn't of been for my primary kids, she would have been turned away with nothing. So I thought that was pretty great! We should give our kids opportunities to sacrifice!

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