Tuesday, April 7, 2009

KITCHEN TOOL OF THE WEEK: this awesome brownie pan

You have admit, you love the sky mall magazine. You look at it on the airplane because you have nothing else to do, and you manage to see a ton of things that you realize you totally need even though 10 minutes before you didn't even know they existed.  Lucky for your bank account you are on a airplane therefore have no way (Internet, phone) to actually purchase those things, and you get off the plane forgetting everything you are dying to have.
This brownie pan I saw in a sky mall magazine when I flew to Seattle and I knew I needed it. However, I did not purchase it from the magazine, but I also did not forget about it.  I still wanted it even though much time had passed. 
We were in Seattle with a nice couple and I mentioned it to my friend Sherrie. Well today the wonderful FedEx lady brought one to my house and it was sent to me by Sherrie! Isn't that sweet? It completely made my day, and I immediately made some brownies (sorry folks, just the box kind, I have no recipe for you, I have never eaten a brownie better than Betty Crocker anyway, if you have, send me the recipe!)! I haven't even thanked Sherrie yet, I just thought it was so kind and thoughtful. 
Anyway, the premise behind the pan is that every brownie will have the chewy edges that we all know and love.  Cool right? It is a standing rule in my house that only mom gets to eat the corners of the brownies,  so now I get to eat the whole pan! Yippie!


Natalie said...

Natalie, you and I are brownie soul mates. I never share the corners with my family. I found this pan, blogged about it, and my mom sent it to me too. It is awesome!

And we love whole wheat pasta. It's especially good with Gma Pope's spaghetti sauce recipe.

Holly said...

Hey Nan, this is Holly Wilson in Ca., I'm one of your followers. Try the recipe, "Easiest Brownies in the World" at MyKitchen Cafe.blogspot.com I love it, especially because you always have the ingredents on hand. It is very moist so using your new pan would really make it better because of all of the edges!

jayniemoon said...

That is so sweet because I always want the edges of the brownies. Where do you get those--other than the sky mall magazine?
In the summer I want to come up to your place!