Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nitro circus seal of approval

On Friday I "catered" a lunch for the cast and crew of MTVs Nitro Circus. They came to my parents house to shoot and episode using the human slingshot and bowling ball cannon. I am clearly not cool enough to know anything about the show, but I guess these guys are pretty dang popular. Travis Pastrana is the premier person for what ever the crap he does, (triple million back flips on motor cycles or something like that). Whatever they do, they were pretty hilarious guys and really nice. Travis had all these fans from the canyon show up, and he was really nice to them, and they all liked my lunch, which makes them tops! So now I can officially say I am a caterer to the stars. I am famous! I told the guys from Nitro Circus I would make THEM famous by putting them on my blog. So stay tuned for their upcoming season to see my dad and the crew (perhaps a little Fairb). For a little sneak peek, they shoot a car with the bowling ball cannon.
Travis Pastrana lighting the bowling ball cannon

Travis running from the cannon

The car they shot

This is me with Jeremy Rawle, I am really that dorky, its not an act, but look at the spread behind us!

Cooking has all been a blur with prepping for Lake Powell and the Nitro Circus thing, so I am off to Powell this week, I promise to divulge my tips into having a flawless Lake Powell trip with amazing food when I get back!
Wish me luck!


Country Cookin' Mama said...

How fun is that?! My hubby and I were just watching that show the other night! Those guys are crazy!! We were watching when they flipped a monster truck! Crazy!!

from my motorhome to yours said...

very cute blog, I grabbed your button, come get mine & sign up for the giveaway, pam

Velva said...

What a great day! Not too mention you are now a star!
I enjoyed reading your blog post.