Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tips for a Painless Lake Powell Trip Part III

Before I start on my final advice for lake powell, let it be noted there are two ways of eating at Lake Powell, one is eat to survive, and the other is survive to eat. I, of course am a survive to eat kind of gal. Like as stated in my above motto, "its not a vacation without good food." For many, Lake Powell is all about the jet skiing, the cliff jumping, the wake surfing and the water skiing at dusk on glass. Not for me, Lake Powell is about being on a gorgeous lake with friends and family and eating GREAT food. I only go out on the speed boat and wave runners as a token for being there, and to impress my children. So, I am giving advice for having great food, the easiest way possible. Of course, there are way easier ways to roll at Powell; cold cereal, sandwiches and hamburgers. What fun would that be?

My last and most important tip is. . . .
Plan Meals Precisely!
Having a well written menu plan, shopping list, and "to bring list" is a must. First lay out the menu in detail. This was my menu for roughly 30 people for 6 days:

Wednesday: No breakfast, no lunch

Dinner: Spaghetti with meat sauce
Garlic Bread
Green Salad w/ olive garden dressing
dessert: store bought ice cream

Breakfast: Whole wheat crunchy french toast w/ buttermilk syrup
fresh berries and bananas, milk, orange juice.

Lunch: Cold cut sandwiches, artichoke dip with baguette , fruit

Dinner: Salmon, chicken kebabs, assorted roasted vegetables and pineapple,
egg rice, corn on the cob, fruit salad
dessert: fresh baked cookies

Breakfast: Eggs any style, hash browns, bacon and toast, orange juice

Lunch: Mexican beef, homemade refried beans, fresh cooked tortillas, fruit

Dinner: London Broil, angel hair pasta, roasted asparagus, poppy seed salad,
dessert: store bought cakes

Breakfast: Nearly whole wheat granola pancakes w/ apple cider syrup, fresh fruit

Lunch: Cold cut sandwiches, pasta salad

Dinner: Beef stroganoff on rice, green beans, green salad w/ ranch, watermelon
dessert: peach shortcake with fresh cream

Breakfast: Old fashioned oatmeal with fresh whipped cream and berries

Lunch: Beef chili nachos

Dinner: Baby back pork ribs, skillet cheese potatoes, fruit salad, green salad broccoli
dessert: Magalby's chocolate cake

Breakfast: Nearly whole wheat pancakes w/ buttermilk syrup and fresh fruit

Lunch: Hot steak sandwiches

Dinner: Bon Jon on rice w/ balsamic strawberry and goat cheese salad, fresh peaches
dessert: homemade lemon pineapple ice cream

Breakfast: cold cereal, leave boat by 9 am

So that was just the outline folks (many of these dishes I have posted before, some I have not, just let me know what you want to hear about later). Once you have the outline, you have to write the mother of all lists.
So you go through your outline and write down specifically what each component of the meal entails. For instance, crunchy french toast-- you will need bread, corn flakes, eggs, cream, oil for the pan, For the syrup; butter, buttermilk, sugar, vanilla, baking soda. Then the fruit, and the beverages.
Once you have done that, you have created a huge list. Then you need to organize that list. Put everything into a category of produce, dairy, middle of the isle, etc. Also, into categories of where to bring from, or buy from; from home, from Costco, or to be bought closer to Lake Powell. Make two copies, so you can check it off once it has been purchased, and then check it off once it has been packed, so you know you didn't miss a thing. Also make a list for your equipment. You also have do add drinks, paper goods, snacks and treats.
The only things I buy from a grocery store in Page, (close to Powell) is bread, deli meats, and dairy because I want the freshest possible, and I want to cut back on the number of coolers I have to bring. Everything else I buy from Costco, and prepare and pack at home.
Label your coolers, so you don't have to constantly open them to find what you need once you get there.
Ok, my brain hurts. The good news is, once you have made the list, you can use it year after year.
Remember, good food equals good vacation. This last trip it was adults only (I was cooking for my Dad's company vacation and I was getting paid to do it, holy sweetness) and it was WAY less work then being at home with my kids! Cooking three meals a day and cleaning up afterwards, that's it? No shoe tying, no bum wiping, no reading "Magic Tree House" no yelling, no teeth pulling. Just cooking. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! I read, I napped, I swam, I laid in the sun, I went on the boat. When I came home I was so happy to see my kids, and they were happy to see me. It was great. So I guess what I am saying is, I am for hire! At an outrageous fee of course.

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