Monday, February 16, 2009


I haven't done a kitchen tool for a while, I have a lot more kitchen tools to go! This tool I just recently acquired. Put me in a Bed, Bath and Beyond, or even worse, a Williams and Sonoma and I will blow some coin. I try to stay away, but sometimes I can't resist . . . .

So this is a silicone pod used to poach eggs.  Eggs poached is my "egg way", but poaching eggs is so difficult and messy and I always feel like you loose half the egg in the water. My kids love poached eggs as well. They once read a story about poached eggs on toast, and ever since then they want poached eggs.
So a new kitchen tool was enough to inspire me to make breakfast, if you are a frequent reader, you know that I hate making breakfast and it suppose to be my husbands job . Since I've had to be mom and dad lately, I made a big breakfast before a day of skiing.

The egg poachers worked great! I highly recommend them, and plan on getting more. A perfectly poached egg, the egg doesn't touch the water, so its not going to get your toast soggy.

I also made some STEEL CUT oats (haven't tried steel cut yet? go get some!) with fresh cream and strawberries and bananas. I served the poached eggs on buttered toast and some CENTER CUT (tastes better, less fat). Breakfast sounds like of good huh?

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