Sunday, February 22, 2009

My daughter loves boys and she is 5

Alta gets into the car after school and says;
"Mom the funniest thing happened today! Brock didn't even know that I was his girlfriend, so I had to tell him!"

This is not suprising to me because I have known for awhile that she loves boys. Before Brock, it was Seth. Both innocent blond haired blue eyed boys. We have had many discussions about not trying to kiss her boyfriends after I found her chasing poor Seth, trying to pin him down for a smooch;
"Alta, you can't kiss boys until you are a grown up, you can only kiss your mom and dad."
She relentlessly agrees.

She makes Brock a card professing her undying love. It says "kiss me" on it. I make her scratch it out. She draws hearts over the words.

People! She is only five! What am I going to do? HELP!

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beckbot said...

I have a little casanova at my house. Today a girl told him he is "hot." we've chosen to REALLY hype his (10 years away) 16th birthday as the day he can think about girls. We even extend it to the dinner table, asking him to practice "date manners." The whole thing freaks me out, although I distinctly remember having a "boyfriend" in kindergarten.