Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sign up on the pass around sheet

So we had our ward Christmas Party this morning. It was a breakfast. Many are familiar with the clipboard that goes around church a few weeks before a party. When the blank sign up sheet stares me in the face, I am compelled to sign my name. So there were two options, sign here for sweet rolls, or sign here for a breakfast casserole. Sweet rolls I can do, I have the sweet roll down pat. Breakfast casserole however, not so much. I have never made a breakfast casserole before. Many had already signed their names to the sweet roll column, but the blank lines of the casserole column guilted me; so I signed.
Never made a breakfast casserole? Me the lover of all cooking? The truth is, I am not the lover of all cooking, I hate breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I can make a mean french toast, but I don't do breakfast.
A little over 9 years ago I was being dressed in a toilet paper wedding dress at my bridal shower. I was telling everyone that my fiancee was going to be the one to make the breakfast. After all he had made me breakfast on plenty occasion, he loved doing it. He would be the breakfast person and I would be the dinner person. My aunt Judy chuckled, "ya right!" Her chuckle still echos in my ear this day. She was right, fairb was a liar. I remind him of this often, and this is where he inserts HIS evil diabolical laugh.
So that is why I have never made a breakfast casserole. So I looked at a couple recipes and went for it. I was thinking, croissant, egg, cheese. I probably should have actually followed a recipe, because it came out kind of runny, but the parts that we not runny tasted pretty good. But I was not proud of it, in fact I left my wooden spoon at the church because I didn't want anyone to know which one was mine by returning to the scene of the crime. So I guess I will have to put on my list to master, CROISSANT STRATA. Anyone have a recipe?

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