Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our newest addition

Last summer, we adopted a kitten into our family. A cute little kitten. It was a slow adoption. We let her stay, then we got her cat food, when winter came she seemed to so small, we got her a litter box and let her stay inside. All the while I kept saying to myself, "If she's going to stay, I better get her spayed." Then I thought, "I've got time, she is still a kitten." Turns out she's just another slutty teenager.
The bizarre thing was, I looked at her one day and thought she looked kind of pregnant, (it made me feel sorry for her, I think that is how you know you are done having kids, when you see a pregnant cat and you have pity on her) then two days later, I looked at her again and decided she didn't really look pregnant anymore.  Then we noticed she was adamant about going into the boys room. Well the boys are the bane of her existence, why would she want to go in their room so much? It was because she had a little kitten to take care of in there.
It was a little miracle. The miracle was, she only had one kitten! How lucky is that! So now my kids feel like proud grandparents with their kitten, stepping in when the ill prepared, immature mother wants to go out and "party" instead of taking responsibility for her offspring. Teenagers.

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Laura said...

cute - although I'm shocked and a little skeptical with the one kitten thing. Did she eat her young?