Thursday, March 19, 2009

KITCHEN TOOL OF THE WEEK: Whipped Cream Canister

In my never to be humble opinion, a dessert is not truly worthy if it doesn't entail whipped cream. As you may already know about me, I consider cool whip to be a swear word.  I don't even know what cool whip is? It's non dairy! What the crap is it then? Then there is the canisters of cream, those are doable, because they are made with cream, but they also have other things in them like preservatives and artificial flavors. So before my new whipped cream canister, I would just whip cream with a hand mixer. I didn't know these canisters existed until recently when I went to a party and saw one in use. I knew I had to have one immediately.
So all you do is pour in a pint of heavy whipping cream, a couple teaspoons of vanilla and about a 1/4 c sugar. Put the lid on and shake it.  Now what whips the cream nitrous oxide cartridges that you attach to the canister. The cream comes out much denser than the canisters that you buy in the dairy section of the store.
What is great is that you always have fresh whipped cream on hand for hot chocolate, oatmeal, berries, waffles . . . . I bought this one at Williams and Sonoma along with the cartridges, you can also buy a similar model with the cartridges at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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