Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fresh from Seattle

Look at the souvenirs I brought back from Seattle! Some people bring home snow globes or t-shirts, I bring home produce and donuts.

It made me jealous walking through pikes place and seeing all the great produce and seafood. Why can't we have that stuff here in Utah? I bought fresh sweet peas, brocollini, mini, eggplants, crazy looking carrots, and these amazing grapes (they were seedless wine grapes) that tasted like what you get off your own  vine in the summer.                                                           Most of pikes place is touristy junk that you would see in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead concert.  Once I got to the produce, and the guy offered me a slice of plum, I was lured in, and I walked away with a 20 pound bag of produce. Some girls buy shoes or jewelry, I buy produce.
If I knew how to fillet a fish, or shuck raw oysters, I would have come home with 30 pounds of seafood.    
The next thing I brought home was a dozen doughnuts from "Top Pot Donuts" To me, Krispee Creme's don't do it for me. They are like biting into sugar and air. I like dense cake doughnuts. Good cake donuts are hard to come by in my parts (sorry random grocery store bakeries. you aren't making the grade) so when someone in Seattle told me about "Top Pot Donuts", I knew I had to go. They were just what I had hoped.
So although my husband was mortified as we carried our donuts and produce through secruity (the FSA dude asked me if the donuts were a laptop, "No just donuts" I replied) I couldn't have been more thrilled. Stay tuned for what I do with my produce this week!
So when we saw the kids, of course they said, "what'd you bring us?" You can choose between a sprinkle doughnut or a purple carrot.

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Dan and Hillary Ross said...

I've been to Pike's Place myself. I bet you were like a kid in a candy store. I'm trying your tomato cream sauce tonight, so we'll see how it goes. How was La? Did you see her?