Sunday, March 8, 2009

my carrots and peas

So I cooked the first of my Seattle "harvest" today for dinner. I had the kids shell the sweet peas, which was the perfect "job" for them to help with dinner. Although Porter got fatigued, Alta helped him after she had already set the table and unloaded the dish washer (needless to say, Porter is turning into his father, and Alta is her mother). After the peas were done she tore the salad leaves. I could not convince my grandmother that these were indeed carrots. She asked like three times what they were. I just steamed them then added butter and honey and some fresh ground pepper. They were so good! A little different tasting than regular carrots. So if you ever see them in a store (if you are in Utah) email me immediately from your iphone or blackberry. If you don't have one, go get one, just in case you run into these carrots. I need to be informed. The peas really made me want to plant a garden, so that is just what I will do. I need a garden master to come help me . . .

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