Monday, March 9, 2009

london broil, you like medium rare, trust me.

The london broil, it is also called the top round steak. Its a great piece of meat because within the "steak" category it is fairly inexpensive and can feed a big group. If you absolutely can not bring medium rare meat to your lips, do not bother with the london broil. Once you over cook the london broil it is garbage. It becomes tough and flavorless.  Some of you may look at this picture and shutter. My belief is that people who like their meat well done have never tried medium rare. They have an aversion to "bloody meat" but in fact have never really tried "bloody meat" How do I know this do you ask? Because I was one of those people. but I have since seen the light. I challenge you to get past the notion of "bloody meat" and try something medium rare. Close your eyes and take a bite, and you will finally know what steak is suppose to taste like!

How to cook a London Broil:

You can marinade it or use a steak rub prior to cooking it. Secondly, before you cook it, let it sit at room temperature for between 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you didn't marinade it, liberally salt and pepper on both sides. 
The easiest way to cook it is on the barbecue ( I use my barbecue all year long) but you can also use your broiler in the oven (set your rack on the highest shelf)
Preheat your barbecue(on medium heat) or broiler.
To cook it perfect,  time it.
Cook 4 minutes, turn over. Cook 4 minutes, turn over again but lay it the opposite way so the grill will make cross marks. Cook 4 minutes, turn over again to make cross marks on the opposite side.
If you are broiling it, only turn it over once, cooking 8 minutes on both sides.
Now let it sit for about 5 minutes before you cut into it. If is too rare, you can put it back on, but my prediction is that it will be perfect. If it is over cooked, oops, now you know for next time to cook it less or turn the heat down!
Cut it as thin as possible against the grain.

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