Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The presents are pleasure and pain

So there are only two things my children like the spend their allowance on, putting money in the vending machine ( it doesn't matter what the machine is vending, they just like to do it) and buying each other Christmas presents. My children are bizarre, they can't think of one thing they want for Christmas but can think of a million things their siblings want. So on Monday night we took Porter and Alta to the toy store to pick out presents for their siblings. When we got back in the car, we covertly hid the presents in the back so each other couldn't see their surprise. We left Everett at home, so we let them reveal to each other what they both got Everett, just to release some of "you'll have to wait till Christmas" tension. They both got Everett the exact same thing! So we had to turn around, Porter agreed to pick out something else. Both Porter and Alta spent nearly all their money on presents and the couldn't have been more happy.
So the next day I wrapped the presents and put them under the tree. When Everett saw them, he promptly untied all the bows. I scolded him and told him he has to wait till Christmas. He burst into tears and ran to Dad, "Mom won't let me open my presents!" Porter and Alta continually pace in front of the tree, trying to guess what the gifts are. When Everett wakes up in the morning he asked, "now can I open my presents, please mommy, please!" It feels like a long time till Christmas. I predict the children tell each other what they bought in the next 2 days. I will let you know . . . .

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