Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Traditions: Part I

I am a lover of the Christmas season for sure! My husband is a total scrooge, but I just ignore him. Lucky for him, there is something we both share one feeling about Christmas, we both hate to shop! So, we really don't do much of the present thing, we get the kids 2 gifts each, and we don't get each other anything. We do however fill the Christmas season with lots of Christmas traditions. One thing we do is let the children pick out and decorate their own little "charlie brown" Christmas tree. I give them complete creative control.

Yesterday, with a couple sick kids, we stayed home all day and did crafts for their tree. I also had them write their teachers Christmas letters, and make them a Christmas poster.

We used model magic clay, pipe cleaners, fuse beads, Styrofoam balls, and lastly I let them pull those party poppers at the tree. In years past, I have strung popcorn, let them cut out snowflakes, dried oranges and apples to hang on the tree, and make candy suckers. I'm sure we will do much more decorating to the tree as the month goes on. The best news is when its all over, I throw the WHOLE tree away, lights ornaments and everything!

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