Monday, December 15, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas . . . Finally!

No time for cooking tonight, we had to gear up to play in the first significant snow fall! Step 1-- find all the snow gear, including two matching snow boots and two matching snow gloves (times 3 of course). Step 2-- get everyone in their snow gear quick enough so that the first one dressed doesn't start crying and want to take everything off because its "itchy" before he gets outside. Step 3-- Open the door and let them out running behind them with the camera with no coat on and slippers so you an get the fresh snow pictures. Step 4-- Run back inside and get your own snow gear on so you can join in on the fun. Step 5-- come in before the children so you can lure them back inside with hot chocolate. And that my friends is how you enjoy the first real snow of the year!

This summer my husband just had to put up these enormous, light the yard up like a stadium, flood lights on our house. When I saw them I was mortified, are these really necessary fairb? Tonight we turned them on for the first snow and I take all my criticism of the flood lights back. Good on ya' fairb. I love the lights.

I also love hot chocolate, and so do the children. No marshmallows here, just tons and tons of whipped cream!

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connie said...

Love that last picture!!