Monday, December 29, 2008

Plenty to blog about, no pictures

Picture taken from my new Mac
So it was a great Christmas. and I have so much to blog about!  The biggest surprise was Fairb got me a new Mac for Christmas! Every time I sat down on his computer (to do my blog usually) he would complain and tell me to use my own computer. Well my computer is always having problems and when its not having problems, little Evie is on there playing scooby-doo on it. So when he complains, I would respond, "I'll get off, when you get me a Mac!" So he actually did it, and surprised me Christmas morning. I was shocked, we have a long standing tradition of NOT getting each other anything for Christmas, so if was definitely a surprise. What was more shocking, he actually wrapped it! What a sweetheart. So I am excited to explore my new Mac. I have always been a PC user, but the mac has been calling my name for the last couple of years. So I still have some learning to do.
I can not blog about food until I get a memory card reader for my computer. I have to live up to my promise and not sit on Fairb's computer. So I will put that on the to do list. Because the recipes are overflowing!

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gramee said...

i adore my mac i have had it 2 years now..
what's a PC? lol