Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Traditions: Part II

This tradition is too hard for my children to wait for all year long and it insures their good behavior during the holiday season. It works way better than, "Santa's elves are watching . . . ." It is the advent calendar that counts the days down to Christmas (I got a new one this year, this one is from Target) . Every day I put a note inside with a clue, the clue directs them to a small (under a dollar) prize. Now I have learned that instead of letting them do it first thing in the morning, I don't do it until later, after chores and reading are done. They love it to pieces and look forward to it with all their little hearts!
Running for the Clue
Obtaining the Clue

Reading the Clue

Running for the prize

Finding the prize

Relishing in the prize

Showing the Prize

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