Friday, December 5, 2008

Cookies for baby

My brother-in-law called this morning to tell me that my sister was in labor, finally! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I need to get there! Wait, I need to make cookies! One of my best memories of having my babies, is my sister bringing me brownies, and them tasting so good after not eating during a long delivery. So I needed to bring something!
So I am not much of a baker, baking takes precision, and patience, two things I am not very good at. However,I have been working a while now at mastering the chocolate chip cookie, and I this cookie am about to share is pretty dang good. So good in fact, I am hesitant to share it. If I were in my right mind, I would call these "Nan's Secret Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies" and leave it at that. After all, I have been experimenting with different methods of baking chocolate chip cookies for a couple years now. Is it really fair that all you people in the blogging world get to reap the benefits of my labor? Hardly fair at all . . ..
The reality is, I despise people who have secret recipes! Tell me your recipe is "secret" I am liable to smack that smug little grin off your face! Share the love, that is my motto.
Now, remember what I said about precision and patience, you must follow both of these rules.
2 sticks butter melted
1 1/4 c brown sugar
1/4 c white sugar
2 t vanilla
1 egg
1 egg yolk
2 T milk
2 c bread flour (or I do 1 c all purpose and 1 c of the high gluten flour that I use for pizza)
2 c oatmeal measured then blended smooth in blender
1 t salt
1 t baking soda
half bag chocolate chips
Cream sugar and butter, next add vanilla and milk, add eggs, but don't add eggs if the butter is still hot, or you will have scrabbled eggs , add them slowly while blending ( I use my stand mixer). Blend till smooth. Meanwhile, measure 2 c oatmeal (preferably the 5 min quick cook oats) in my blender and blend till it makes like an oat flour. Combine with flour, salt, and baking soda. Slowly add the flour mixture to the sugar mixture, till it makes cookie dough. Add chocolate chips.
Next, get out your mini ice cream scoop (lets call it KITCHEN TOOL OF THE WEEK shall we?) and scoop dough onto your cookie sheet (lined with parchment, I know it is so Martha, but I like it) You should get 15 cookies on one sheet. and you will get two sheets of cookies.

Now you have done the precision, now you must have a little patience, because this is an important step. Put your sheet in the freezer, then turn the oven on to 375 degrees. While those are chilling, and the oven is heating, scoop the second sheet of cookies, and put them in the freezer as well. When the oven is heated, your dough should have enough time to get cold. Put them in the oven for 9 minutes. When them come out, they should look just barely browned, and you might say to yourself, "these aren't done" they are done! take them out and let them cool on the cookie sheet. If your oven cooks hot, you may want to do 8 min. If they are gold brown, too cooked.

These will make the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookies, that not only will be good hot, but good the next day too. If you want to learn the science behind this cookie recipe, I adapted most of it from here.

Lucky for me I brought plenty off treats because Lisa invited to whole world to see her baby come out of the baby hole! She had me, my mom, her best friend, 2 sister-in-law,'s her mother- in-law, her husband and her four children. It was a rocking party! Watching a baby come into the world was absolutely one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. I cried more watching it then pushing out my own babies. It was incredible! What a miracle! So good on ya Lisa, you did good! I was so excited, I forgot to even ask what they named him!

Admit it all you "I am done!" mothers out there, this picture below makes you want another one, just a little bit ("a little bit" is very little in my case, but is there none the less) .

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beckbot said...

OK, I'm going to try this recipe. My cookies are always too cakey and not gooey enough. 10 minutes in the freezer. Worth a try.