Wednesday, September 23, 2009

off to Lake Powell

So we are off to Lake Powell with the whole crew (am I doing the food? What do you think!). So I know you will all miss me. Let me leave you with some of this weeks Everettisms . . .

"Mom when I grow up I am going to be nothing, like you." (ouch).

For a whole day he added "yo" to the end of every sentence.

"Mom make me some honey toast with butter on it, yo!"

"Mom turn on Scooby Doo, yo!"

I don't buy white bread, but he loves it with all his heart. "Mom when I'm a grown up, I am going to buy white bread."

He clearly has a great trajectory for when his is a grown up, he is going to do nothing and buy white bread ( I am assuming with his food stamps?). I am doing an excellent job if I do say so myself.

Peace Out!

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BRITT said...

Have fun in powell but when you get home I need you to post some of the Lake Powell recipes you cooked for us...the granola pancakes, apple cider syrup, angel hair pasta, homemade refried beans. Well pretty much everything you cooked!!! Thanks