Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tips for a Painless Lake Powell: Part II: Equipment

If you are cooking for a lot of people in a small area like on a house boat, the right equipment is an absolute necessity.

first tip . . .
Ok, so maybe that's not the best way of putting it. What I mean by that is bring as much "disposable" things as possible. I almost never use disposable at home, but for Powell, I make an exception. I will say however, I always like to use real silverware because I really HATE eating with plastic cutlery (plastic cutlery is not worthy of my food). The most useful disposable item is the tin casserole dishes to serve the food in.


At a regular grocery store they are kind of spendy, so always buy them at the dollar store. Its pretty much the only thing that takes me to a dollar store, which infuriates my children because they love it there. Paper plates, bowls, cups and napkins are an obvious must. Make sure to pack a couple black sharpies so people can write their names on their cups (something I forgot to do and we went through way too many cups). Paper towels, and clorox wipes are a must for clean up.
When you get home, walk to the grocery store with your reusable sacks to repent of your environmental sins.

second tip:
Big Bowls, Big Pots, Big Grill
If the kitchen you are cooking in is small, chances are the equipment is small too, so bring your own. Also, if you are a knife snob like me, bring one of your own knives. Now the pots and bowls I brought are HUGE, I got them at orson gygi. What I love the most is the stove top grill. Its a beauty . . .
Thinking ahead to what equipment you will need for each meal makes a big difference on the trip.


Jessica Brown said...

You amaze me. So what did you serve with the kabobs? Jaron and I are going down to seaside Oregon with some friends and I want to do those chicken kabobs, did you thaw and marinate the chicken for a day and then re-freeze it? And did you just cut the veggies and keep them cool or can you freeze veggies? Were leaving thursday, so I may not have time if the chicken needs to thaw and marinate for a day, but either way what did you do?

Nan said...

cut up chicken, put it in marinade and freeze immediately. You can use it as soon as it thaws. Freezing the veg wouldn't be a good idea, but you could cut it all up a day in advance. You could also use canned pineapple, instead of fresh. I served it with egg rice, stay tuned for Painless lake powell part III