Monday, September 7, 2009


I am the youngest in my family. The proof of this is that there are no baby pictures of me. The same is true for my youngest. I put together a video montage of Porter's first year of life, documenting his first solid food to his first steps, all set to sentimental music. Everett doesn't even have so much as a Kiddie Kandid of himself. Thus, he is the last child. Everett is an incredibly intelligent, hilarious child. Since, I haven't been exactly documenting his life, I thought I might record some of the entertaining things he says on my blog. I know its not exactly appropriate for a food blog, indulge me. He says classic things all the time, and I already have forgotten most of them, every time thinking, "I need to write that down!" So here are some gems from this week;

Earlier this week, Everett informed me that when he grew up he wanted to be an evil scientist, just before that he wanted to be on American Idol and sing, "Born to Be Wild"

In primary the 1st councilor in the bishopric was teaching the children about initiative, and how it means you do something without being asked. Everett turns around and says, "Hey, Alta did that once!" Meaning of course, he could never think of a time HE had ever used initiative.

He primary teacher told me that he ratted me out in class. They were talking about eating healthy foods, and Everett told the class I drink coke, and dr. pepper. To which another kids his mom did too, and Everett insisted that I drink more than his mom (I told you he was smart).

Everett is really into Superman, he wears a superman cape 24/7. We were in the car and he told me that he needed to go to Sequoyah's grave (our dog who died about a year ago whom he misses very much and talks about constantly) when we got home. When I inquired, he said it was because he needed to say this;
"Sequoyah, even with all these powers, I couldn't save you!"
Stay tuned for more Everettisms . . .

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Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

So precious :) I look forward to reading more of his sweet sayings. Great idea adding this to your foodie blog.. I'm all for it!

My guy is 3 and his favourite saying right now is "Mommy put your face on me!" when he wants me to watch him do something :)