Friday, May 15, 2009

you can do banana pudding like this, ooh pretty . . .

So early yesterday morning I took Fairb to the airport.  He is going to be gone for three weeks! to make matters worse, my parents are also going to be gone for three weeks. that means I have no one too cook for! (my children don't count, they only eat cereal, candy and dirt) Last night however, I had plenty of people to cook for, about 40 people to be precise. I cooked for ward temple night. Whenever our ward goes to the temple they are shocked by how we can get so many to show up, we offer dinner after, duh!  So I cooked Grecian chicken, with some fresh green beans and watermelon, some marinated cucumbers and watermelon. For dessert I made the magnolia's banana pudding but instead of making a huge pan of it, I dropped the nilla wafers and bananas in the bottom of a plastic cup and topped it with the pudding. Then made is oh so beautiful buy topping it with a strawberry. It worked perfectly!
What can I say, it was a hit. I am warming myself up to cook for 100 people for my brother-in-laws wedding in three weeks.  . .

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dandelion said...

I need to make pudding for 50 and would like to use the Magnolia recipe. Can you please share your recipe for this many servings?