Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome Summer

Summer is officially in full swing.  Yesterday we had a extravaganza (yes you must fan out your hands like fireworks and say extravaganza with enthusiasm)  for all the kids on the mountain to welcome summer.  My friend Rebecca made the giant sign so the children could break through the sign to start the party and welcome summer. We had food, jumpy castle, pinata, water balloon dodge ball, cotton candy,  and cupcakes.
 and what I was most excited about, we let every kid make their own cup of ice cream with liquid nitrogen. 

The first question is, how do you make ice cream with liquid nitrogen? You put everything into a cup that you would put into ice cream, then you add liquid nitrogen; you stir it up while it bubbles and boils, toils and troubles,  and walaw! Ice cream! 
Now the second question you might be asking yourself is, how the crap did you get liquid nitrogen?  That I can not entirely divulge, but you need to know a chemical engineer who is just a big kid, I happen to know someone like that.

There are all kinds of complicated ice cream recipes, which I intend on trying all of them when I get a conventional, plug it in the socket ice cream maker (my birthday is Aug 23rd hint hint) but we stuck the basics, milk, cream, sugar, vanilla. Or to be more basic, half and half.

Ice Cream Base
6 c half and half
2 c sugar
1 1/2 t vanilla extract

I poured two inches of this into a Styrofoam cup,  add let them put in some mix ins, various candy bars, caramel, chocolate etc.  (of course they all picked gummy bears and marshmallows) Then I poured in liquid nitrogen, some had to come back for a little more nitrogen, but after some stirring, they had ice cream. I saved the best mix in for the mothers, lemon/pineapple, which I will divulge at a later blog post.
So welcome summer! I am in love you! and not just because I can sleep in and tell my kids to make their own cereal!

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