Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The salmon staple

So children are asking me why I am always taking pictures of my food (and never them!). I am getting in the habit of it, but I only remembered halfway through dinner last night. We ate another family staple, salmon. Salmon is good for you, its easy to like and easy to cook, I do not vary from this method very often, and I would say it is perfect. First, get you dark sunglasses and trench coat because you are heading to the liquor store. I always use white wine when I cook salmon. At the liquor store you can buy what are called splits (thanks next door neighbor for introducing me to my first split, what a bad influence :) ) Which are half bottles, they also have some with replaceable lids (see pic).

I always get my salmon from Costco (as you will discover, costco is my world). Always rinse the fish is cold, cold water and pat dry. Heat up you skillet hot with olive oil coating the pan. Season your salmon with season salt, and pepper (a lemon pepper is best). If the fish has skin, but skin side up in the pan, if not, do seasoned side down. The fish should sizzle majorly. Season the other side the same way and cover. As soon as the fish turns opaque, flip it. It should be nice a browned. Pour like a 1/4c to 1/3 c wine on top and cover again. If the fish is thinner, turn off immediately, if it is a little thicker, give it 30 sec to a minute then turn off. Leave the lid on till you are ready to serve. Squeeze on a little lemon.

I served the salmon with some baked mac and cheese, asparagus, green salad and fruit.

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