Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gusteaus Motto, everyone can cook (vegetables): Day 8

So my son Porter wanted to get in on this directing stuff like dad. He wanted to take a picture of me holding up a saute pan, this is inspired by Chef Gusteau in the movie Ratatouille. Porter took the picture, Alta, also wanting in on the action grabbed her own pan. Everett who is the youngest, knowing that when he is older he probably won't have any baby pictures for his wedding video (no youngest child ever does) tried to get in on the action as well. I believe in Chef Gusteau's motto, everyone can cook, but I'd prefer little rats not cook in my kitchen.
With no proper segway, today I am blogging vegetables. CORN and GREEN BEANS. So when I got my new kitchen I wanted new pans. I bought these really fancy pans that are surgical grade stainless steal, handles come off, don't need hot pads, stack nicely, supper heavy duty. Anyway, one of the sell points (which didn't sell me frankly) was you don't have to cook your vegetables with water. Anyway, so ever since I got them, I always cook my frozen corn, and my green beans (fresh or frozen) without water. I love it because not only is that healthier, but in taste and texture it was better. I always suspected that it wasn't my pans in particular that made this possible, but any decent pan could do it. I put that to the test tonight with the corn.
I pulled out one of my old, not so fancy pans and tried it without water; turned out great, this is what I did.

I get the white corn from costco (white is the only corn in my world)

Poured some corn in the pot till half way full. Kept it on high for about a minute, stirred. Turned it to med for about 2 minutes, stirred. Turned it down to low for about 8-10 min (this is all covered mind you with a tight fitting lid). Added salt and pepper, and butter. It tastes better, its not water logged and it plumps up the corn and gives it a nice almost roasted taste Keep in mind, it can be burned if not watched. Try it I dare you!

You must have always have a green vegetable, I choose this . . .

These are costco's fresh green beans (already snipped, priceless). I cook the beans (waterlessly, with the beans wash them that way they have a little moisture) or you could steam them. But don't over cook them, you want them a little crisp still. Meanwhile saute some mushrooms in butter, when the mushrooms are almost tender then add the beans and give them another minute together in the pan. Salt and pepper. So pretty, so yummy.

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