Thursday, November 27, 2008

Like a turkey strutting his feathers: A cook on Thanksgiving Day.

Have you ever heard that there is something in turkey that actually makes you tired?
I read an article today that said that although there is the chemical tryptophan in turkey that induces sleepiness, it has no more of it than chicken or cheese. So the concept is really a myth. Then why am I so tired right now?
A successful thanksgiving. Everything came to the table as perfection (actually, we didn't even bring the food to the table, the was no room!) and I did it all with my two little hands, and I loved every minute of it. Like a turkey strutting his feathers. Everyone oohed and aahhed over the food, and I sent all the leftovers home with the in-laws (save it some rolls, turkey and some pie). Thanksgiving is a good day. No presents, no parades, just a day to stay home, be with family a give thanks. I am very thankful indeed . . .

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