Saturday, January 31, 2009

a cake from scratch . . .CURSE YOU!

Looking through a cooking magazine I came across a beautiful lemon three layer cake.  I love, love to frost cake, the satisfaction of the motion, I could do it all day! I have never made a cake from scratch. I am a "modified betty crockers moves" kind of cake maker.  However, this lemon cake was calling my name. So I went a bought some cake flour and was so excited to succeed at this cake, because I'm perfect right?  As you know, I not that good at measuring and following recipes, and you also know that cakes are a science and require strict following of recipes. So I pulled my three round cakes out of the oven, two of them were a little sunk in the middle.  It wasn't too bad, I thought I could still save it. So I go to shake the cakes out of their pan to cool and for the life of me, I could not get them out! Pam wasn't enough! I am assuming when they say grease and flour the pan they mean it! Betty Crocker doesn't really mean it!  So alas, the cake only could come out in pieces. So I made some lemon curd, whipped some cream and turned the cake into a triffle. To which my mother said was the best dessert she had ever had.
The cake tasted really good, but to be honest, with all the grief gave me it tasted pretty much like a modified betty crocker cake. Think about it, what is a box cake? Pre-measured cake flour, sugar, salt and leavening. So I think I am sticking with betty crocker, this is my modified betty crocker cake here.

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