Monday, November 23, 2009


The super bowl is here! Thanksgiving day. Tomorrow you will see me at Coscto buying food to feed 40 people. Bring it on baby! Last year I did the 12 days of Thanksgiving, please review . . .

  • If you want an easy roll recipe that will knock everyone's socks off, try my family's out of this world rolls recipe. I have been eating them since out of the womb.

  • Want to free up the oven for the rolls and all the other stuff you need to bake, cook your turkey in a roasting pan and make in D good.

  • Delish stuffing only comes around once a year. Ours has mushrooms and pine nuts.

  • Does gravy frighten you? Learn how to make gravy now! (and see me in my kitchen at work).

  • Now I don't do creamed corn, but I do cook frozen corn without water, and it makes it tasty. Try it!

  • This is truly a no fail pie crust and I don't understand why isn't the only pie crust recipe in the world, because it is so easy, and without a doubt the best tasting pie crust on earth.

  • The question is, why are they called mashed potatoes when we all know we should be ricing our potatoes!

So good luck one and all and happy thanksgiving!

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