Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Feels like I have been gone a while! Thanks a lot SWINE FLU! I don't really know if it was swine flu, I wasn't going to pay the doctor 100 bucks (thanks America's awesome health care system) to tell me I have a virus. I was totally out for 5 days and completely missed Thanksgiving. My mother was left to cook the whole Thanksgiving meal herself. She pulled it off great despite putting whole cloves and baking soda in the sweet potatoes. I didn't matter to me because I didn't feel like eating anyway.
So I am just barely starting to feel like I might live. So hopefully I can get back to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, my I have a boy turning 5 years old today. I begged him to let us celebrate his 4th birthday again, or better yet his first birthday! I don't want him to grow up. He refused. Although his is a year older, he still is giving me some gems . . .

He said he wants to have his birthday party at Wall-Mart and invite everyone who is at Wall-Mart to his party, that way he will get tons a presents.

Everett is obsessed with sugar cereal, he loves it with all his heart. So for the Thanksgiving break I bought some cinnamon toast crunch. When I gave him a bowl of it he said two things.

"Mom, I can't believe I am eating this right now!"


"This cereal must be from Wal- Mart because all junk food comes from Wal-Mart!"

Yesterday Everett heard the primary song, "I am trying to be like Jesus." and he said,

"Mom I am always trying to be like Jesus. I always try to walk on water, but I take one step and I fall right in every time!"

Happy Birthday Everett!


The Mecham Family said...

Too Cute. Happy Birthday Everett.

Dan and Hillary Ross said...

Hilarious. Glad to hear you're starting to feel better.