Wednesday, August 26, 2009

fresh back from powell, so much to do

Feels good to be sitting in front of my computer in the morning, reading the news, blogs, facebook, all that good stuff. Never mind that I haven't unpacked, I haven't even showered. I have been cooking for 6 days straight on a boat, I need a break!
However, canning season is upon us, salsa to be brewed, tomatoes to be jarred, gardens to be harvested!
My children are returning to school, outfits to be bought, lectures to be given, anticipation to be drummed up in their hearts!
What about all the blogging I must do from Lake Powell, I may just be the BEST Lake Powell cook on earth, I can't deprive the people?
Not to mention Fairb and I had the lamest birthdays EVER! (august 22, and 23rd respectively) we need a redo this week.
My kids are still asleep, I am out of milk and bread . . . . I think I'll just enjoy sitting in this chair a little longer, thank you very much.

note: kids need vacation from their parents! they were so happy to see me yesterday, I haven't even heard, "I hate you mom!" since I have been back! Its nice!

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Dan and Hillary Ross said...

Love you Nanny. Happy 30th. Let's celebrate!