Thursday, August 13, 2009

Le Crueset can suck it!

Yesterday, I went up to Salt Lake to go to the restaurant supply store, Orson Gygi. I am going down to Lake Powell to cook for my dad's company retreat and we were in need of some mega sized pots. I could lay down a lot of coin in this store, which I did actually. I did see a little piece of heaven, which I just had to purchase..... Photobucket

The picture may not adequately depict this angelic creation. This baby is huge! You could roast a 20 lb turkey in it. My mom has a magnalite pot that she has had since the beginning of time. I was always jealous of it. I have NEVER seen them in stores. So, I and this pot were meant to be. I can't stop looking at it . . . . aaahhhhh . . . .
So when I brought it home and Fairb saw it, he had to make a stink about it. Then I remembered! Its my birthday this week! BAM! I had a justification! and its not just any birthday, I am turning 30! BooYa! I just saved his bacon! I got myself a birthday present.
So I am so happy with my new pot, and it just in the nick of time! I cooking for 30 for 6 days, 3 meals a day at lake powell. I cook nearly everything before I go. I will have to blog about it later. Second, I am catering for the 50 person film crew from MTV's nitro circus who is coming to the cabin to do the human slingshot on friday.
THEN . . I have a primary quarterly activity on saturday which I am in charge of .
THEN, its Sunday which I will be alone in primary conducting, sharing time . . .
THEN, We've planned an outdoor theatre night in our back yard for a canyon FHE, (oh ya, your all invited.)
THEN, its off to powell.
Ok, so my pot didn't have a lot to do with any of that, but it still makes me happy.


Summer said...

Love the new pot!

Holy busy balls! And, you aren't even mentioning all the stuff like kids and a house, etc to take care of!

I wish I was going to Lake Powell with you! I will help you cook! How about it?! We should for reals plan a "reunion" trip there!

And, Nitro circus - crazy! I love that show! How fitting for them to come do the sling shot! I hope your dad whips out the bowling ball shooter too! You will for sure have to tell us when it is supposed to air on tv!

And, most importantly!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a fabulous day!! We should do lunch sometime and celebrate!

Dan and Hillary Ross said...

I have a MagnaLite too. I got it as a wedding present from my grandma. Now you just need to tell me what to put in it.