Monday, November 7, 2011

Hope you will join me in the Hobble Creek Kitchen

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Hobble Creek Kitchen is back! I know many of you have been returning to the blog for favorite recipes, but have long given up the hope for something new.  Today,  I am happy to say that I am energized and ready to bring you new recipes, as well as reviving and improving on some of my old ones.    Now don't let this be in vain people!  Please share this blog with your friends and like my page on facebook you can also follow me on twitter.  I promise to blog if you promise to read it and give me feedback!

I spent the last year not only cooking for my family but for plenty of other people, which leads me to my announcement.  I have begun to cook professionally!   Please check out my tabs above for more information on how you can have a dinner party cooked by me, and even have your party at the Hobble Creek Kitchen! I'm just going to go ahead and toot my own horn and say that my food is pretty darn good, so book a party with me quick, before I am all booked up!

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Byers said...

Glad you are back!