Monday, February 8, 2010

Fancy Pants Birthday Dinner!!


This weekend two of my dear friends both turned 29 (or something like that anyway). To celebrate I hosted a 5 course, fancy pants dinner. Our conversations however, were not fancy, it went from sex toys to poop to boob jobs and back again. We literally ate, cooked and talked for 5 hours!!

The Menu

Mini Crab cake for an amuse bouche (I really just wanted to say the phrase). I haven't written the recipe yet, stay tuned . . . .

The romance salad -- A chiffonade of romaine lettuce tossed with red wine vinaigrette, topped with pickled beets and hearts of palm and candied marcona almonds resting on ripe red pears. (wrote that fancy didn't I? I had to google "finely shredded" to get the fancy word "chiffonade")

For dessert a choice between creme brulee with fresh berries or bread pudding with rum sauce and fresh cream.


nan's notes: many of these recipes I went back and edited to make them even more perfect!! So check them out!!


The Mecham Family said...

This looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Dan and Hillary Ross said...

Wow! How do I get you to throw ME a birthday dinner? Looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

all i can say is that we need be friends forever. it was amazing!! the best b-day dinner and conversation all in one. i learned so much! you are a wonderful friend thanks for all your hard work. i have never seen someone multi-task as much as you. same time and place next year. ok?!!! love ya kris