Monday, January 25, 2010

I haven't died, and I certainly haven't starved to death!!

Yes, I still have been cooking, but no I haven't been blogging. Cooking is dang fun, blogging is only semi-fun. So much has been going on, so blogging is at the bottom of the list. Cooking however, is NEVER at the bottom of the list!!

A few highlights from the last couple months . . .

1. Got swine flu over thanksgiving, didn't cook a thing.

2. Christmas time was great, but did more skiing than cooking. Didn't open one present, it was so nice!!!

3. Went to NYC with my mom and sisters. Ate at Bobby Flay's restaurant, believe him and his throw downs, it was incredible!!! Went to a taping of the Rachael Ray show, they told me they probably aren't going to do "Hey Can You Cook?" What a bummer!! After watching her tape her show, I can frankly say, Martha Stewart was right, Ray Ray is a poser. Bobby Flay, not a poser, his restaurant was some of the best food I have ever had!! Also note, raw oysters are now officially my favorite food.

4. Went on a 5 day ski trip with my entire family in Telluride. The final party before my mom and dad move to Africa. It was a blast!! I cooked all the food (32 people), and witnessed my 6 and 8 year old ski double black diamonds and huck some pretty big jumps.

Anyhow, I am still cooking and still obsessed with this recipe but I have rigged me the master bread cooking system.


plus this

equals this


My enormous magnalite pot is my pride and glory. I bought this french bread pan at Williams and Sonoma. I took it to my dad's manufacturing plant and had them shave down the ends so it would fit perfectly inside the pot. So instead of making two round loafs, I can make two beautiful french bread loaves. So I raise the bread in the french bread pan, and when it is ready, I drop the whole pan straight into the hot magnalite pot and replace the lid.

I did make a small modification to the recipe since I posted it, My bread was always coming out a little flat. I think it was because the oven was too hot. So now I pre-heat at 450 degrees. After I put the loaves in (still in the Williams and Sonoma pan) I keep it at 450 the whole time, including when I remove the lid to let it brown. Lid on, 25 minutes, lid off 15 minutes.

This is darn good french bread. The crust has the crackle, and the bread is soft and chewy.

Anyhow, don't hate me if I don't blog. Oh wait, no one is reading anyway, so I should be good!


Sarah said...

So your last sentence made me get of my cyber stalking butt and actually tell you I read you blog all the time. I think it's fantastic. I love to cook and I love your blog you do a great job....keep it up.

Mum in Bloom said...

Yay! You're back! So glad you joined the Foodie Blogroll too as it should increase your readers. I only wish I had the kitchen equipment you have.. that pot is spectacular!

Welcome back - looking forward to cooking with you in 2010 :)

The Mecham Family said...

Oh but we are reading. :)

Hirano Family said...

I read! I missed your posts and amazing recipes.

Welcome back. Just wanted you to know that us average joes read your awesome blog. -Ann

renee' said...

So, I've never commented before, so you probably don't know what a great cook I think you are. Sarah (my sister) told me about your blog and I love it, not only for the cooking tips but also your humor. Keep it up, I'm sure you have a ton of blog stalkers, like me. ;)

Byers said...

I also love your blog! So don't stop posting...I would be so sad!

Anonymous said...

stop it i have missed you so much. forgot to tell you. i love to read all of it. Nat, I need to make this bread! call me when you are making it and you can pick me up as your driving skills are so much better than mine.
love ya, kris

Gramapope said...

Hi Nan, it's your mom. It is so nice to be so loved. I began cooking again the we even have had schlop!! The food is similar but I have to make do with almost the right ingredient==like chocolate chips. None. I bought a 5 pound semi-sweet bar and I chip it up as make pumpkin cookies with real cooked pumpkin. It's been fun. Keep up on the exotic, I am running low on homestyle dishes.