Tuesday, July 7, 2009


PhotobucketGyoza is one of those yummy Japanese foods that got me nice and chunky I love gyoza. Now I can make it.

Ingredient List:
1 lb ground pork
1 cup of cooked cabbage (shred some cabbage and boil it for a few minutes with a little salt)
2 green onions fine diced
1 T minced ginger
1-2 garlic cloves minced
2 T soy sauce
1 egg

Round won ton wrappers (they sell the round ones at Smith's)

Combine the above ingredients (excluding the won ton wrappers of course) using your clean hands to mix together well.   Once combined, lay the won tons wrappers (about 6 at a time) on the counter and place about 1 T filling in the middle of each wrapper. Brush the edges with water and pinch together the edges in the prettiest way you know how. 
Once all the wrappers a filled, heat 2 T vegetable oil in your biggest saute pan with a lid. Place the gyoza in the pan with the edges pointing to the sky. You will have to sort of push down on the gyoza to make a flat edge so they will sit up straight. 
Once the bottoms of the gyoza are browned, add a glass full of water in the pan. The water should go about half way up the gyoza. Turn to med-low and let simmer until most of the water cooks off.

Now you can buy gyoza dipping sauce at some stores, but it is just as easy to make it.

Gyoza Dipping Sauce:

1/4 c soy sauce
2 T rice vinegar
2 T hot sesame oil



The Mecham Family said...

Looks yummy! Do you cook the Pork first?

The Mecham Family said...


Nan said...

don't cook it, it cooks when you steam the pot stickers

The Mecham Family said...

Ok thanks!

Sarah said...

I have a memory of you making these for a cooking class we took together in high school. Do you remember that? We should of known then that you had a talent!!